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Newcastle Small Business Offer - 2019

Does your business qualify for a free website build and SEO?

Free Website Build and SEO

If you're a small business owner in Newcastle who needs a brochure site of six pages or less, you qualify for a full-service professional website build and SEO - free of charge! And we're happy to show you sites we've already created in your area.

Each site is unique and built for the exact marketing needs of your business and we'll provide you with a list of website URLs to demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of the site we'll build for you.

Your site will be beautifully designed, mobile-friendly, all your on-site SEO is included and we can link you up with most third-party systems (for bookings and reservations, for example).

Additionally, we will quote a fixed cost for your website hosting and email hosting with Netregistry, your SSL certificate (site security) with GeoTrust, all site updates, and six-day-a-week telephone support.

This cost may range from $39 pm (with no SSL site encryption) or $59 pm + (with SSL site encryption). A higher amount may be quoted if your business requires significantly higher bandwidth or has other specific needs.

Call us today to discuss your site: (02) 9810-5206.

Please note: This offer assumes you have the images, logos and site text for your site. If not, we can provide graphic design and content creation. Updates may not include re-design or other substantial work at our descretion.

Why have we made this offer?

One of the services we provide is website and SEO audits. This means we see a wide variety of sites. Some are good, but the majority are not. Some of these sites business owners have paid a lot of money for, which is very dispiriting, but many have been self-created with a variety of 'free' online services. While some of these sites appear superficially to be as good as sites created by a professional, you don't have to dig deep before you see significant problems. It is a very rare self-made site that is effective, and without an effective site small business (which can be fragile at best) is imperiled.

The answer? Our business has been operating since 2008. We're experienced and create beautiful, individually tailored and effective sites that work! We don't just create websites, we create effective websites. Bundle that with professional SEO and site management, your hosting, email and SSL security - all for an amazing fixed monthly cost - and you can get on with running your business, knowing your site is in the best hands. No contracts. Just great service and a site that will help your business thrive!

Questions? Like a quote? Call us on (02) 9810-5206.

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